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I purchased an Ionizer from Nancy just as a lark type purchase not even thinking it could work.  In using it, I found to be mentally clear as an effect and also found my respiratory system to be working fine.

A few weeks later i got the flu and while being very sick spoke to Nancy by chance through business and she suggested I use the ionizer again.

Wow! It really worked and I just love it.  So, now I am asking her to buy a few more for family and friends.  This is definitely worth a try. 

Rosemarie D'Amiani, Business Maven-California 


It cuts down on the congestion that I sometimes have in the morning when I wake up. It’s small and light weight. I can wear it when I sleep. I feel more energetic when I wake up after wearing it at night. The chain helps me to remember where I put it so that I can easily find it. 

A.P. Chicago

It actually does have a positive effect. The ozone or pollen was high and the symptoms went away instead of getting worse. There is definitely something to it.

V.P. Australia

Having allergies most of my life, dealing with shots, medication and the works – I received my allergy ionizer thinking that I have tried everything else, why not. Now I don’t leave the house without it – It is always in my purse so that if I feel something coming on, it’s right there to slip in to my pocket and prevent it. This really seems to work for me. Thanks!!!

 Terry-Houston, TX 

When I first heard of this (Allergy Ionizer), I immediately thought of my son who is always going to the doctor for his allergies that typically turn into bronchitis that is very difficult to get rid of. So I asked him to keep this in his pocket all the time to see if would help –He is 19 years old and could of just blown it off but being the sport he is figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt. We have not been back to the doctor since. Wow – wonderful product. You just have to remember to use it. 

N Shannon - Spring, Texas

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Health and Wellness
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Also, on a recent visit to see my sister and her husband, my brother-in-law was having an allergy attack with considerable congestion.  Without telling him what it was for – I had him put the ionizer into his front pocket.  After about 20 minutes – we asked him how his congestion was – and he told us that it was much better!   Nothing else had changed, he was still in the same room and doing the same things.  The only thing that was different was the ionizer – so we completely contributed his getting better to that!

Thanks for this great product.  We love it.
DonaSan Diego

I am a huge believer in using natural means (instead of medications) whenever possible.  Being slightly allergic to cats, and living with four of them, I find that I am a bit congested on many occasions.  Simply by slipping the ionizer into my front pocket – after a few minutes I find a noticeable relief to my congestion!  I love it – it takes care of my problem without medications!

A. - UT


I’m a great grandmother in my 70’s and always have cold feet and a wet drippy nose. My daughter gave me an “Allergy Ionizer” to keep in my pocket. I forgot I even had it when I realized that my nose had dried up. It didn’t help my cold feet at all but sure took care of the drippy nose. Thanks! 

Grammy-Tampa, FL


I love the Ionizer I got from you at Loral’s event. I was a team leader there. To your success, J. V. California

I just wanted you to know that I let my niece to use my Allergy Ionizer.  She suffers from severe allergies and reported that she has not had a runny nose, no sneezing, and no runny eyes since she has been wearing it.


It was great seeing you, I had an amazing time. Thank you for everything, especially the allergy ionizer, it helped soo much! 

Jonathan, Canada



Greetings, My name is Randy from Houston, TX.  I'm a 54-year old professional, who has suffered seasonal allergies for more than 30-years.  My only relief was through prescription medications and annual injections.  A friend told me about the Allergy Ionizer, and though initially skeptical, I thought "what do I have to lose?".  I ordered the Ionizer, dropped it in my front pocket, and "WOW" 24-hours relief from my allergy symptoms.  Not sure how it works, but even though the car is still green with pollen, I'm breathing easy with absolutely no meds.  Thanks for a great product.

Randy, Houston, TX


The allergy ionizer helps alleviate my runny nose and some nasal discomfort whenever my allergies act up, catch a cold or just feel under the weather – It’s Great!                               Sincerely, Jack S. 

This not only works for me and my respiratory problems – It also works for my little dog, Rusty who’s prone to canine type allergies. It is light weight and I put it on his collar, bless his heart I can tell he feels much better. Great product! 

JK-Houston, Texas   


It definitely has been working in sniffles and my fatigue (huge change!).  Perhaps the salt in the sweat or even body toxins being pulled out is altering the metal? (More proof of it having a strong effect.) The "ionized" and/or kind of metal in this is definitely doing something. It has cut my "chronic fatigue" level down by at least half, and NO MEDICATION has had that effect! Talk about a testimonial right there. People are really in need of energy in our society. This had an immediate effect that I did not expect. 

Shannon M. Houston, TX  

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Natural Relief
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* Great product. Very happy. Thank you. 

* Buyer: Member id suchfun42 ( Feedback Score Of 799Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999 Queensland, Australia Apr-05-12 

Allergy Ionizer Natural Relief Cold Flu Sinus Respritory Edgar Cayce CaseyRemedy (#220951735953)

* Good quality item, responsive vendor. 

* Buyer: Member id dolly8830 ( Feedback Score Of 921 Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999  Albuquerque, NM Mar-02-12

Allergy Ionizer Natural Relief Cold Flu Sinus Respritory Edgar Cayce CaseyRemedy (#220951735953)

* These things Really work!! Highly recommended item!! 

* Buyer: Member id randymaan57 ( Feedback Score Of 27 Yellow star icon for feedback score in between 10 to 49  Spring, TX Apr-20-12

Allergy Ionizer Natural Relief Cold Flu Sinus Respritory Edgar Cayce CaseyRemedy (#220951735953)


It stops the runny nose when I have one. I'm not really bothered with allergies so much but I noticed that when I used it my nose dried up.  It's not cumbersome, its easily worn in the pocket. I’m thinking about trying it around the neck. 

 Tampa, Fl


Its small and you can just put it in your pocket and forget about it. It’s not all that difficult. College Student, TX


It suppressed my sinusitis symptoms and possible head cold. I'm not sure which I was dealing with. I could see physical evidence that my body was experiencing the healing energy. I have a deep interest in natural healing and this seems to work for me.

R. L. Dickinson, TX


I have deep allergy problems. I wear a mask and the Allergy ionizer. It’s great and easy to keep track of. I don't have a runny nose. It's good. I'm keeping it. I'm not sharing it, anyone else will have to get their own. 



It's small- It does exactly what they said it would do; It’s easy to order; It ships quickly; I had it just in a matter of a couple days after I ordered it.

Avid online shopper


It works. I put it in my pocket. That's all I can say. I put it in my pocket. I really didn't expect too much but it worked. I went the entire allergy season without a single prescriptive medication, not a single over the counter medication. No antihistamines whatsoever, no shots, no visits to the doctor. I was completely free, breathed clear, no runny nose, no allergy symptoms for the entire season, For the first time in years.

R. Cox, Houston


I would definitely purchase another one because I have tried it and I definitely know that it works. That is why I referred it to my father in law and I would refer it to anybody. I am a very sociable person. I am a person if I go to the store and I'll say hi and people will have conversations with me. If anyone were to go oh or if I were to hear anyone sneezing or having some type of allergy I tell them oh, try this. My husband and I would recommend it. C. Lopez, Spring TX


I have allergies – it will not break and IT Works! 

L.G. California


I have a lot allergies and asthma and I was willing to try something different. I like natural medicines and natural things. It's a natural way of handling my allergies and asthma. It works pretty good for me. 

N.Davis from Mixia



It works. My mother has problems with her allergies and it has worked on her well as well as my husband who has a lot of sinus drainage. There has been a very noticeable improvement by me. I don't have any issues but I know that people that I live with use them and they work. It's natural you don't have to take a pill or remember to take one. You can wear it. It looks like dog tags and can be worn as a piece or jewelry and for men it can be kept in their pocket.

C. Clifton, Spring TX


It’s small and you could put it anywhere, in your pocket or bra. It could be well hidden, it’s not bulky. I love it! 



I have allergies. It works. I put it in my pocket and it works. I just know that I feel better. I haven't had any allergy problems. I put it in my pocket and I'm feeling fine. 

J.B. Canada


We are very happy with our Allergy Ionizer and if it can help anybody else we would recommend it.  

Juan with allergy attacks